Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy has been designed to enlighten you concerning our practices that revolve around collecting, using and the disclosure of any information that you may offer to the website. This site is intended explicitly for use by the residents of the United States of America.

Understand your consent

By entering this website for any type of use, you will be agreeing to all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Keep in mind that when you submit any of your information via this website, you will be contesting to the collection, the use and the disclosure of that particular information in accordance to this particular Privacy Policy.

Regarding children is not intended for use by visitors under 15 years of age. We will not in any case knowingly collect any personal information at our site from all visitors falling in this particular age group. As a conservative website, we strongly encourage that parents should take some time to talk to their children about the use of the World Wide Web and the nature of the information that they release to the websites.

User information

Certain sections of this website may prompt you to enter personal identifiable details to enable you benefit from some specific features provided in it- such as pointers/tips, newsletter subscription or/and resume submission. You may also be required to submit such information to get a participation in certain activities like promotions and certain sweepstakes. You will be briefed on the type of information that is required and that which is optional.

Passive collection of user information

When you are navigating this website, some of the synonymous information regarding you can be collected passively- Without your active provision of the information. This will be possible by using certain advanced technologies such as web beacons, Internet tags, cookies and certain modern navigational data collection logs such as click stream, log files and server logs. The particular web browser that you use will transmit automatically to this website some of your anonymous details from your PC, such as the URL of the site that you recently visited, the browser version currently running on your computer and the IP or Internet Protocol address. may also collect this information via web beacons, Internet tags and cookies. You may choose to set your web browser to deliver a notification when you receive a cookie or to receive these altogether, but you should keep it in mind that some of the features provided in this site may fail to work without cookies. may use certain combined and passively collected anonymous details to offer bettered services to the visitors. Visitors can customize this website in accordance to their preferences; they can also analyze and compile the trends and statistics. Otherwise, visitors can improve and administer this website to have the best experience. Keep in mind that any anonymous information collected from you will not be combined with any other collected from any other source, unless with your consent.


A cookie is ideally a bit of information sent to you by a particular website to your installed Internet browser to help the site identify and remember information regarding you and your particular preferences. Ideally, there are two types of cookies.
Session Cookies- These are temporary bits of information used to improve the navigation of a website, prevent visitors from disclosing information in inappropriate cases and collect any aggregative statistical data on the website. This site will remember the previous age and country-of origin entries that went outside the specific parameters and subsequently block any changes. These cookies are automatically erased after you a user have exited the browser or once the PC is turned off.
Persistent Cookies- Typically, these bits of information are of a higher permanence and being placed in the hard drive of a user’s computer, they can stay safe unless one decides to delete them. These types of cookies store information on your computer for a number of uses. First, these retrieve certain information that you might have recently provided- like passwords, help to establish sections of a site that visitors frequent most and even customize the site according to your needs and on an ongoing basis.
Persistent cookies provided by to your computer may possibly contain personally identifiable data, but this will only be the case if you have consented to the retention of the information or registered as a user. With this in mind, it is important to mention that our website’s server only recognizes unregistered users with their cookies after they have returned to the site.
We may disclose visitors’ personal identifiable data to third parties that are not Gargle Water™ affiliates, but only-
– To contractors who support our operations
– In response to the requests of law enforcement bodies
– In regard to the assignment, transfer or sale of the business of this website to which the identifiable information relates

The access and changing of user data

To keep personal data that you provide to this website, complete, accurate and current, ensure to contact as highlighted below. We will act promptly to correct and update your information with us and even delete any of it as you wish.

Our security embraces credible mechanisms to safeguard users’ personally identifiable information as they transmit to the site. The information will be protected from possible loss, unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, destruction or even alteration.

Our links to other sites

This website may provide links and/or references to certain websites that are ideally not subject to this Privacy Policy. As a precaution, we strongly encourage that you should read the particular Privacy Policy of each of the site that you visit.

Contact Us

If you wish to pass any inquiries, comments concerns and requests regarding this Privacy Policy or the entire site, please contact us at:

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You can also contact us via email –

Altering this privacy policy

In case this Privacy Policy is changed, we will post the revised policy at this website. Please ensure that you check periodically particularly before you disclose any confidential information.