Does Gargling With Water Prevent Colds

Gargle Salt Water® to prevent colds

According to a clinical article featured in the Prescriber’s Letter, a journal for renowned medical experts, the benefits of gargling as a preventive cure or an actual remedy for flu and colds is still not clear. Understandably, the fact that cold can be caused by any one of among the possible two hundred viruses is perhaps what makes the discovery of a defined cure a hard thing, but gargling is certainly a breakthrough.

A research study conducted by Japanese experts and published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine indicated that gargling with water and also salt water did not only prove to be effective in reducing the incidences of common cold, it was very superior to gargling with manufactures iodine solutions. Necessarily, this will come as a surprise to a majority of the modern population that believes that gargling with antiseptic solutions will eliminate cold causing bacteria and viruses in the respiratory system. As far as this study indicated, gargling with salt water is more beneficial as compared to any other available solution.

Certain viral respiratory infections are common several times in a year, especially during the cold spells. In certain cases, the symptoms may linger for a few days and even weeks in some people to end as a serious cough or a running nose that will not just go away. Since there is no definite cure that has been discovered for colds, the ideal treatment is to prevent their occurrence in the very first place. Can Gargle Salt Water® do that?

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Washing your hands with a soap or detergent has been proved to have very positive effects by reducing the chances of contracting a cold but have you considered gargling? Ideally, it is very easy to dismiss friends or relatives’ advice to Gargle Salt Water as one of the old-time cures methods abandoned by science studies. However, most recent clinical studies have indicated that adding a small amount of salt in some war water can be a cheap and helpful remedy for cold. So, are there any benefits of gargling where preventing colds and other viral respiratory infections is concerned? Read on.

Gargling- Professional criticism

Although the study indicated the tangible benefits of gargling as far as the prevention of colds is concerned, these results have received many speculations, especially among professionals. Most of these experts are arguing that gargling with water is only effective in flushing bacteria and viruses out of the sufferers’ throats, the very same thing that happens when one takes a glass of water. Obviously, some research is required to table this study in black and white to point out the accruable benefits of gargling for cold control and to establish whether this method is as credible as using certain antiseptic mouthwashes.

Gargling or just Drinking Water

Another issue that have strongly emerged is that if gargling with water actually provides essentially similar effects as taking a plain glass of water, then taking frequent amounts of water would actually prevent colds occurring in the first place. Ideally, most of the tapped water today contains chlorine that contains certain antibacterial properties. Practically, if that was true, then the purported benefits of gargling with water could be accounted for.

Other medical experts hypothesize that gargling with water perhaps only cleanses the throat and the respiratory system of cold causing bacteria and viruses. However, whatever the speculation, tipping your head backwards and then letting water burble noisily at the back of the throat will help to relieve cold symptoms and even help you to avoid those germs entirely at the first place.

Gargling with Salt Water Mouthwash®

Gargling with water was proven very effective to treat colds, but doing it with some warm salt water can have even better results. According to an editor of a medical journal mentioned above, gargling with warm salt-water will do two things to help common cold sufferers. Firstly, the saline water will work to draw the excess fluids from one’s inflamed tissues in the respiratory system, making them hurt less. Additionally, the saline water will loosen any deposits of loose mucus, which can subsequently help to remove possible irritants such as bacteria, fungi and allergens from the throat.

A certain randomized research study conducted among 400 volunteers during a cold and flu spell also indicated that gargling with saline water at least three times every day, without or with the common cold being felt, reduced the chances of contracting it with up to forty percent. However, this does not necessarily mean that will want to start gargling at breakfast, during lunch and at dinner. This is simply an effective indicator that some salt water is actually very effective for cold prevention for how easily accessible it can get.

Important tip here:

If you decide to gargle with warm salt water, then ensure that you gargle and then spit. You should not swallow “as we tend to get excessive salt in our daily diets anyway”, according to Dr. Hagen, who was at the epicenter of the study.

Bottom line: The unequaled health benefits of using The Original Gargle Water®

Currently, there is still no substantial evidence to prove that gargling with water, iodine solutions or any other available mouthwashes options can prevent or even treat common cold or other viral and bacterial respiratory infections. That is only one side of the coin, however. On the other hand, gargle water®, is very effective. It will deliver certain heath benefits, including having a fresher breath and even an overall oral hygiene.

This procedure will keep you feeling better and for long. With this having been proven in the study, then you will want to keep doing it in additional to ensuring that you wash your hands as often as possible. While these activities are seemingly petty and unimportant, they will help to prevent the occurrence of the common cold and help you maintain an overall health wellness. Only use The Original Gargle Water®.