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How to contact Gargle Water®

If you want to buy any of our products, you can contact us through email or phone numbers provided below. To report an adverse effect or a side effect from the use of any one of our products, please call us on………….so we can provide more personalized attention. It is our intention to address each complaint. You are free to send us your suggestions too.

If you have a medical emergency or you are in need of specific medical advice, you should contact your primary healthcare provider, poison control centre or your local emergency room.

How to response Gargle Water®

Our clients can get in touch with us through different channels. They can email us and we will respond immediately. In addition, they can find us on different social networks and interact with professionals who know everything about mouth washes, what they should be used for and in what quantities. Customers are welcome to post any question or even point out some area where they feel we should improve. In our FAQs section, we have anticipated most of the questions and tried to answer them. If that is not enough, our customer care lines are open.

For any questions, comments and feedback about our products contact us on the following phone numbers and email address. Help us serve you better. Tell us what you want.

Gargle Water, Inc.
PO Box 250602
Plano, TX 75025-0602
(800) 786-3109
(866) 428-1808
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